So I came to unlock the gate for the gas company this morning for my client and ran into her at her new home in Glassell Park. Margaret came to our open house about a month ago. She was really frustrated 

with the home buying process. Her daughter, an USC grad and her were looking for their house for a many months after moved here from Texas. At the entry level home price at $650K, she had to compete with so many home buyers out there. I invited her to our office and explained to her step-by-step home buying process. She hired me on the spot. Well, yesterday I was so happy to call her to deliver an AWESOME news that she is now a proud home owner! Congrats to Margaret and her daughter!!!♥️

Congrats to Gabriel Browne, my dear mentee on his first closed sale. You are an amazing trouper. Keep up with your good work and thank you for put up with me. I can’t do this without you Gabriel! 

2417 Avenue 30, Los Angeles CA 90065

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