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June couldn’t come fast enough! After 15 months of being on lockdown, the light of the end of the tunnel is here! California is finally open. Here are some rules you need to know: 

What will change starting June 15?

First off, the state is ditching the color-coded reopening system. All counties, regardless of how high or low coronavirus transmission is, will be allowed to reopen all at the same time.

In short, pretty much everything will be allowed to go back to normal. There won’t be any required capacity limits, no more physical distancing, and much looser mask mandates.

All those lifted restrictions are at the state level. Counties, cities, and local businesses still have the right to set their own capacity limits or other rules, as they see fit.


When will I still have to wear a mask?

If you’re not vaccinated, you’re still going to have to wear a mask in “indoor public settings.” That includes grocery stores, shops, restaurants, movie theaters, and other indoor businesses.

There are other situations and places where masks will be required regardless of vaccination status. It all can be a bit confusing, so we’ve broken down the rules below.

Masks still required for everyone in the following places in California:

Any form of public transportation (think commuter buses and railroad systems) including airports and planes. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) extended their mask requirement through September 13, 2021. So yes, you will be required to wear a mask for your next trip out of SFO, regardless of whether you are vaccinated or not.

Hospitals: Even if you are fully vaccinated, you are still required to wear a mask in healthcare settings like hospitals. When the new mask guidance for vaccinated individuals was released, the American Hospital Association (AHA) asked for a clarification to which the CDC emphasized that new masking recommendations for people fully vaccinated against COVID-19 do not apply to health care settings.

Indoors at K-12 schools: Dr. Ghaly announced Wednesday that people, including teachers and students, who are vaccinated are still going to need to wear masks when they are indoors. However, they don’t have to wear masks while outdoors, like on a playground.


For more information regarding the opening guidelines please go to the California Department of Public Health website at


Here are some fun things to do this month!

Street Food Cinema

Summer Evening Strolls at the Huntington 

Dances in the Open

Everything: An Outdoor Event Featuring Everything You Missed

Andy Warhol: Photo Factory

Tropical Nights at Manuela’s Garden Bar

Rooftop Cinema Club

Made in L.A.

Dance at Dusk

Pride Picnic

Photo Flux: Unshuttering L.A.

Ai Weiwei: Trace

Judson Studios: Stained Glass from Gothic to Street Style

Invisible Sun

Tropicana Movie Nights

Motown: The Sound Of Young America

Bob Baker Marionette Theater at Knott’s Berry Farm

Immersive Van Gogh

Beyond the Looking Glass

Summer Roots Craft Beer & Music Festival

Goat Yoga at the Gamble House


Hollywood Artisans Market

Marina Drive-In

National Food Truck Day


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