Hooray for Our Neighbors and Clients in Mount Washington for Their Generous Donations!! 654 Pounds of Food & 244 Pounds of Personal Items.

Hooray for our neighbors and clients in Mount Washington for their generous donations!! We collected 654 pounds of food & 244 pounds of personal items.We partnered up with LA Mission to do a Food Drive to provide food for the holidays for those in need. We dropped off 150 tote bags at homes in the Mount Washington area and asked our neighbors to fill them up with food, personal items, and clothing. We've been doing this event for 3 years but we are so grateful for our neighbors & clients for their never-ending generosity! Our hearts are full.  

We’d like to thank the following :

Sandy on Tropico
Gwen & Foster,  Ling & George, Peter & Bohnie, Michelle & Will, Renu, Ujjal, Maureen on Canyon Vista
Willing, Marilyn & Curt on Glenmuir
Heather, Karen, Hannah, Monique & Cathy on Elyria
Lynette on Glenwood
Leticia on El Paso
Estelle on Glenalbyn
Jose on Sagamore
Galen on San Rafael
We hope you can join us again on our next food drive. Happy thanksgiving!