Set the Mood with Luxury Lighting Solutions

When you’re staging a luxury property for sale, there are a lot of factors to consider. From curb appeal to furniture placement, every detail matters to an affluent home buyer. Likewise, having proper external and internal lighting can make a big difference in setting the overall mood and ambiance. As luxury real estate professionals, you should understand the importance of home lighting, the current lighting technology available for use in luxury homes, and how to select the best lighting for any given property. Not sure where to start? Here are a few things to consider from professional lighting designers and luxury real estate experts.


Home lighting is typically not the first thing that comes to mind when staging a luxury property for sale. Usually, you would assume that the current lighting of the house will suffice. However, while other real estate professionals may overlook this aspect, your ability to seek out the proper lighting will help you stand out from the crowd. Why is home lighting the critical component of your staging strategy? The difference is day and night.

For starters, an adequately lit home in the morning feels spacious and welcoming for potential buyers, while a dimly lit home at night is cozy and creates a warm ambiance for the family. When showing the property in the morning, make sure there is a balance between home lighting and natural lighting to help potential buyers see every aspect of the home. Then, consider inviting them back for an evening showing to see how the interior lighting “sets the mood” for family time after a long day. When potential buyers get to experience both aspects of the property, it’s easier to sell them on the idea of their future lifestyle in this home.


The evolution of lighting technology in luxury real estate has come a long way in recent years with the development of light-emitting diodes, more commonly known as LED lights. However, LEDs were created for the industrial market for appliances, cars, and just about every other application except real estate. It wasn’t until energy consumption became a more severe issue globally that LEDs became a household item.

Initially, LEDs emitted a very bright light that couldn’t be dimmed. As you can imagine, real estate professionals and homeowners alike didn’t take to this new lighting very well. Over time, the latest LED technology emerged and allowed these lights to emit a warmer and more color-balanced light. Today, LEDs can create just about any color imaginable — and they can be easily dimmed to create the perfect ambiance for every room in the house.


In a recent episode of our Estate of Mind podcast, professional lighting designer Lynne Syambouly offered practical advice for luxury real estate professionals looking to stage a home with the proper lighting. Throughout the episode, Lynne emphasizes the importance of lighting the home “correctly” by ensuring color consistency is present throughout and dim-ability functions are working correctly. When there’s too much variation throughout the house, this can create a sense of unbalance that potential buyers will notice.

Another challenge you might face is the dimming ability of LED bulbs, as some don’t dim as smoothly as traditional incandescents. Therefore, Lynne strongly recommends viewing properties at night to get a better feel for the overall lighting aesthetic and consistency before putting the house on the market.


There’s a lot more to luxury real estate lighting than you might realize — but when lighting is executed correctly on a luxury real estate property, you can set the tone for a potential buyer to fall in love with the home. You might be surprised at the difference the proper lighting can make both inside and out, so be sure to assess the property’s lighting early on in the staging process to make changes as needed.

Want a more in-depth look at luxury real estate lighting solutions? Listen to the full Estate of Mind podcast episode with Lynn Stambouly to learn more, and reach out to the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing team for more information on taking your career in luxury real estate to the next level.

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